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server manager

Server Manager, specifically for small companies running a single server, ensures your server is... 

  • Protected - anti virus is checked regularly as well as using 3rd party scanners to ensure systems are clean and free of any malicious software. 

  • Windows logs - the first place to check for any problems on the Windows operating systems. We check for any Warnings or Errors recorded by Windows and any other programs which are not working correctly on the operating system.

  • Backed up - backups are checked on a regular basis, not only that the software is backing up all necessary files, but also that the backups actually work in a disaster scenario. 

  • Up to date - Windows updates are installed and checked, optional updates to make your systems even more resilient are also checked and installed if they are deemed worthwhile. 

  • Best practice - regular scans using Microsoft's Best Practice Analyzer ensure your systems stay relevant to what's advised and deemed most secure. 

  • Hardware updates - Dell, HP firmware and driver updates are applied and compared to ensure your system stays at the best of it's game. Updates can help systems become faster, more reliable and resilient. 

  • Component checks - ensuring disks and data are ok, memory is fully operational and error free, processors are operating at their best performance giving you a fast, reliable system.

Server Manager reduces IT support spend if you do not require a fully outsourced, managed IT solution.


Server Manager customers pay a monthly fee of £50 to have us manage their server and use our pay-as-you-go reactive IT support service, either simply billed each month, or capped. 

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