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Office365 is more than just a secure, fully maintained email platform. It enables you to work seamlessly with your colleagues from any of your devices.

Share calendars, share team mailboxes and delegate emails for attention, coordinate your people, check schedules, share contacts – all from your PC, smart phone or tablet - without the need of a server. Add email accounts with just a username and password - no more server, port or authentication details - just a user name and password will do it to give you access to all your emails, files and much more. 

Have all your email, calendaring, contacts shared across all your devices without the need to plug in and sync. All the same data across your PC, smartphone and tablet - it just works. You can even collaborate with others outside of your organisation - you can make shared folders to work with others outside your office boundaries.

Use OneDrive, part of Office365, to make all your documents available, securely, everywhere – 

Make and save a Word file on your PC, open OneDrive on your tablet and carry on working on it, log in from anywhere, finish it off on your smartphone and email it – remove the boundaries to your office, be as flexible as you want, take your work with you. 


Save your files to the cloud then have them available on all your devices to work on wherever and whenever you like. Once you save the file, all your other devices have the latest version without the need for a server or being in the office -  

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