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IT security

IT security


Staying secure is paramount - your IT network is just milliseconds from thousands of hackers and cyber criminals who do not care who you are or what you do, everyone's fair game, in their opinion.

There are many ways to help stay secure - 

Operating System updates - Ensuring operating systems are up to date - whether your using Windows or Apple, or free software such Ubuntu or other flavours of Linux - keeping your operating system up to date is one of the best starts to staying secure.

Networks and Firewalls - your firewall/router is your first line of defence - it's what connects your IT to the rest of the world. Ensuring this is up to date and secure is the first step in securing your IT. Nothing should be allowed on to your network without specifically being allowed to do so. Packets of data should not be allowed on to your network without knowing precisely what's inside them, letting threats masquerade as innocent services can take advantage of susceptible internal systems. We ensure your networks are secure, data is encrypted and connections are tied down. 

Anti virus updates - ensuring your anti virus is up to date and working keeps internet nasties from infecting your computers in the first place. All computers, be they servers, PCs, laptops, Macs - should all be running a leading, managed anti malware solution.  

Anti virus software - running any anti virus software is a great start. We advise our clients to use cloud-managed anti virus from vendors such as Bitdefender. Cloud managed anti virus ensures your computers have the latest updates. Your computers will check periodically for updates, if an update is available it is downloaded and other computers on your network will be alerted and update from each other. 

Email systems - an insecure email system is as good as letting Joe Bloggs put any old file on your network - it could be completely innocent or, more likely, in some way malicious. It could be a hoax trying to trick the recipient they have won something and to click on a link, it could contain a file which, when clicked on, infects your computer. It could contain code within the email itself which takes advantage of a security flaw which might enable someone or something to compromise your email system, or your whole computer. Using cloud-based mail relay systems ensure email is scanned and cleaned or banned if it's SPAM or contains anything untoward. Ensuring your mail server security is fully up to date and tied down will also help to avoid infections. We always advise our clients to move to Office365 - read this great article

Backups - ensuring you're backed up is critical. We advise our clients to use MozyPro cloud-based backups. MozyPro keep 28 days of backups and take a backup every two hours. If the worst case scenario becomes a reality you can be safe in the knowledge your data is safely, securely and reliable stored with a Dell-backed, best-in-breed backup provider. 

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