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ElyIT rates

We're open and transparent, here's what we charge -

  • Initial hour onsite - £175

  • Per hour thereafter - £55 (billed by the second - we don't round up the hour)

  • Cost per mile if more than 10miles outside of Ely - £0.50 or First Class rail travel 

  • Pay-as-you-go remote IT support - £75 for first 30minutes then £1 per minute

  • £450 per day (9.30am-4.30pm) - Monday-Friday ~ £575 per day - Saturday-Sunday

Pay monthly customers pay per user per month on a discount basis - the more users you have, the less you'll pay per user

Pay as you go customers pay per second for remote IT support and onsite IT support, if required.

Pay-monthly IT Support & Management

Pay monthly has several advantages over per-as-you-go - 

  • No surprises - remote IT support is fully inclusive, we will never charge more than your monthly remote IT support rate

  • Out of hours as standard - we're here for you, we don't charge more for out of hours, we understand some users may want to work in the evenings and/or weekends and require support. 

  • Emergency contact as standard - direct contact for immediate, fully-inclusive support

  • Threat response - we'll work day, night and weekends to ensure you're fully protected

  • Regular system checks - not only does all of our client's IT report securely to us, but we'll also, regularly, hop on to your systems to double check all is ok. 

  • System backups - we regularly check and test backups to ensure they're still working, they're capturing all relevant data, our clients can restore files from 28days ago with 2 hour backup versions meaning our clients could have 336 versions of one file as that file changes over a month.

  • Windows Updates - we check these have been applied and they're working

  • Vendor Updates - updates from Dell, HP, Lenovo etc are installed and checked. Not only Windows drivers, but also firmware and patches. 

  • Anti malware (malicious software) updates - we make sure all laptops, PCs and servers have the latest anti virus software and updates installed. We cross check network scans against our network inventory to make sure all the boxes have been ticked.

We truly manage your IT, we're proactive, not reactive

We regularly check our client's IT, we know it's ok

Pay monthly
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