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ElyIT free IT checkup checklist

free IT checkup

ElyIT offers a free IT checkup - simply contact us or click to chat below; we'll arrange a date and time which suits both parties. We'll come in, take a look at your servers, networks and PCs, have a chat with you and your users to get their feedback on how they think their computers are and we'll put this together in a fully detailed checkup. 

Many clients have found this to be invaluable, whether or not they decide to use ElyIT.

We check to ensure - 

  • Server and network configuration - The most common problem among IT systems is incorrect server and network configuration​. We check your servers and networks are - 

    • Backed up - the backups are working​ and can be used

    • Server network configuration - servers need to know where to authenticate, where to point clients, where devices are and how to access them on a network - incorrect server configuration leads to a slow, unreliable network. 

    • Wired and wireless networks - we look into logs on network switches which tell us if there are any network anomalies, faulty cables, dropped data packets etc. We scan WiFi networks to see if there is interference from neighbouring networks, we check firmware versions to ensure devices are up to date and secure, we check network authentication and encryption to ensure they're secure.

    • Event logs - we'll ask for copies of event logs - these hold all problems, errors and warnings reported by Windows, they're the first place we check for problems and symptoms of what could be lying underneath. 

  • Malicious software 

    • anti malware scans​

    • cleaning up PCs and servers

    • updates and patches to ensure no one can take advantage of your files, passwords and security

  • Security

    • Checking password policies and last password changes

    • ... user groups to ensure users have just enough privileges to do what they need, and nothing else

    • ... checks for malicious software entry points - SPAM, viruses, adware, worms, trojans

    • ... service authentication and service accounts to ensure just-enough permissions are granted 

  • Backups

    • are working and can be used in the event of a system failure

    • are backing up all necessary files

    • clear down transaction logs to ensure your servers do not fill up over time

  • Systems are configured correctly

    • We'll check network configuration - ensuring fast and effective systems

    • ... disk configuration - ensuring if you fill your data areas this won't have a knock on effect on the rest of your server

    • ... event logs - checking for Warnings and Errors posted by Windows. This includes memory and disk problems

    • ... vendor event logs - components also have the own event logging system built into them

    • ... operating system and programs - ensuring, for example, Windows, email, databases, drivers, firmware etc are up to date.

    • ... system performance - ensuring the server(s) are coping with the workload

  • Client PCs and laptops

    • Checking anti virus and anti malicious software is installed and up to date

    • Checking Windows is up to date and has relevant patches installed

  • Firewalls, printers, WiFi and other networked devices

    • Checking your firewall is running up to date firmware/software to ensure you are protected on the internet at the point of entry

    • Checking your firewall is not letting anything untoward into your network 

    • Checking remote access to your firewall is disallowed

    • Checking WiFi configuration to ensure it's optimised and configured correctly

    • Checking printer status, drivers, configuration and sharing with drivers 

    • Checking switches and hubs to ensure all is ok

  • Wired and wireless networks ​

    • Checks to ensure they are configured correctly for reliability 

    • Wifi checks to ensure speed and reliability

    • Name resolution to ensure connectivity 

    • Firmware updates for firewall security

    • Firmware updates for switching reliability and security

No doubt during the checkup other vulnerabilities will be identified - this will also be included in the checkup.

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