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ElyIT office IT manager

IT manager


Everything your IT Manager would do, at the fraction of a the cost - and how we do it.

Understanding your business - can IT help drive efficiencies, what's out there to help manage online from anywhere and become paperless, how can you automate tasks and reduce time to perform everyday tasks, how can IT help reduce overheads, how can IT streamline processes? We're here to help your company be more efficient, to listen to how your company works, advise honestly, find the best and nest value, successfully implement projects, train users and be at hand if anything goes wrong. 

Network capacity - by keeping an eye all technical resources - disk performance, disk space, CPU capacity, memory utilisation, wifi and wired networks speed and configuration, network communication and quality - for the IT network to perform and keep up with it's users demands. 

Servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers - making sure the server is not overkill, ensuring the right users have the right PC or laptop, making it easy for users to connect to email, printers, files and and work remotely to increase efficiencies.

Licensing - ensuring the company's IT is legitimate. We have worked with Microsoft to ensure companies are licensed and license the most efficient way. 

Backups - ensure everything you need is backed up and you have historical versions of files. It's not enough to keep one copy, one version of a file on the cloud, you need to be able to restore files back to 20 days ago and versions inbetween. 

Assigning jobs - ensuring user requests are handled and communication is efficient, such that a user can easily log a support call, know who's dealing with it, has a name and number to contact, can escalate it and knows what's being done to resolve it. 

Advice - open, honest, impartial, unbiased - we'll even give you part numbers if you'd like to search suppliers yourself. 

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