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ElyIT - IT consultant

IT consultant


The right advice, the best quotes, the best suppliers, experienced, naturally technical, unbiased and open minded ...

Our consultants implement the best technical solutions at the best prices by listening to customers. We don't sell for the sake of selling, we don't add anything on and so don't make anything out of it.


We've tried the best and worst in the marketplace and are therefore able to offer tried and tested solutions that fit the budget and the expectation.

We work in partnership with suppliers and customers to help streamline projects with near-zero downtime.


We don't charge more to work weekends because we realise it's sometimes the best time to get things done.

We advise customers what to use and train users to use and embrace it.

A few examples of IT projects we've undertaken - 

  • Office365 migrations - whether you're migrating from basic PoP email or have a complex email server setup using, for example, Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino/Notes - we can help.

  • Microsoft email server (Exchange) migrations - migrating any version of Exchange to the latest and greatest or Office365.

  • Microsoft server migrations - from Windows NT, around in the late nineties, to Windows Server 2012, we've done them all.

  • Microsoft operating system migrations - thinking of upgrading one or many, we've handled complete migrations.

  • Anti virus/malware installations and migrations - never assume a PC or server is ok because that's how it was when it was installed, manage your anti virus and security before it manages your company. 

  • Internet service provider implementations and migrations - move to super fast, seamlessly.

  • Backup implementation and testing - daily, weekly and monthly backups - monitored and tested, regularly.

  • Work anywhere solutions - work as if you're in the office, all your files, drives, email, company programs - superfast.

  • Cost saving solutions - involve us and let us think, consult, plan, implement and support solutions to truly save money.

  • Network install and migrations - running out of capacity, things seem slow, things don't seem to work right?

  • Complex wifi and network installs - superfast, super-reliable.

  • Network software/configuration migrations - ​need to expand or rearrange your network? Let us help, seamlessly.

  • Secure connections for office to office and PC to office - bring everyone together, enable your users to work efficiently.

  • Virtualisation - backups which take seconds, not hours. Disaster recovery plans implemented immediately. Massive cost savings by buying one big server to host many.

  • PoP email and IMAP to Office 365 migrations - we've done them all and continue to move clients to the latest and greatest.

  • Backup and load balanced internet connections - worried about points of failure? Implement load balanced fibre and copper!

  • Unified threat management implementations - stop threats before they get a change to touch your servers and computers. Safeguard users against themselves by filtering out bad websites, downloads or spam. 

Features and benefits - 

  • We're not affiliated - we won't advise to make financial gain

  • We're independent - we use the best-price, best-supplier, cost-price

  • We don't add anything on - we don't sell for the sake of it

  • Just pay for our time - no hidden surprises, all rates are the same 

  • We're open and honest - we'll show you our proposals (if our clients agree!), we treat customers the same

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