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Inside a hard disk

IT backup


Backups are crucial. Ensuring your data is backed up safely, securely and reliably is of great importance. 

Here's our question checklist - 

  • Do you backup every day and week such that you can restore anytime on any week day in the past four weeks?

  • Do your backups work? Have your restored your entire server successfully?

  • Can you restore to different server hardware? If the motherboard in your server blew up, could you still restore?

  • Do you backup everything you need? Not just the files and folders you need?

  • Can you restore files changed through out the day, to different edits or versions?

  • Are your backups encrypted? Are the safely stored online or safe offsite?

  • Are your backup media in good shape? How old are they?

  • What are your contingency plans? Can you survive without IT?

  • If you lost your internet connection in your office, would your emails still work?

  • If you needed to find a file deleted some months ago, could you?

  • If you needed to find an email deleted some months ago, could you?

  • Do you archive off old data and keep an online copy for future reference?

  • If you were asked to prove you sent an email on a certain date to a certain address, could you?

  • Do you rely on someone to change a hard disk for your backups? How healthy are those disks?


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