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IT monitor


Our secure, lightweight monitoring solution makes scheduled checks on your servers and computers.


It checks and reports to us every hour, if servers do not report to us we take steps to check why.

Urgent alerts are tended to night and day. 

Our monitoring software checks your IT to ensure it's ok. It checks -

disks, memory, processors, event logs, software installations, software versions to ensure they're up to date and secure,

software license compliance, specification, firmware versions, whose logged on, when they logged on, where it is, when it was manufactured, warranty status, operating systems, operating system warnings and errors, IP addresses, a history of alerts and problems and much more.

Features and benefits - 

  • Know your computers are ok - don't assume it's ok til it's too late

  • Immediate response to problems - fix it before it's required

  • Constantly check all your IT - know everything is ok, all of the time

  • Have your IT tell you if there's a problem - save time by managing all your computers from one

  • Asset inventory - know who has what and what state it's in

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