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Ely cathedral, Cambridgeshire

who's ElyIT?

ElyIT, based in Ely in Cambridgeshire, is headed up by Toby Woodbine. Toby has over twenty years commercial IT experience working for companies around East Anglia and central London. His areas of expertise lie mainly within inhouse and outsourced IT both in terms of IT support, management, project management and consultancy.

Toby has solely installed, managed, upgraded, migrated and supported IT for national companies with turnovers in excess of £80m with over 200 users spread across the UK. He has worked to ensure corporate IT systems are correctly installed and configured ensuring they are therefore fast, efficient, reliable and secure and offer maximum availability with redundancy as well as seamless mobility for both static and nomadic users.

Toby's ethos is to be truly proactive, to provide a seamless, easy and logical experience. To ensure systems are installed properly, configured correctly, managed and maintained to ensure near-zero downtime and near-zero user frustration. 

We have clients based around East Anglia ranging from property to marketing, transport to legal services etc. We make ourselves available out of hours at no extra cost. We're willing to work happily with 3rd parties, we work for our clients and do best by them.

why ElyIT?

ElyIT has several advantages over other outsourced IT providers - 

  • Truly proactive - we don't wait until you have a problem before we address it, we fix and manage behind the scenes all the time

  • Best-practice - understood and adhered to - we know how computers talk to servers, how servers know where things are on on networks, how routers route data and VPNs secure and maintain connections. This might be an obvious thing to say, but given what we've seen from taking over our competitor's client's systems, it's not so obvious. Incorrect configurations lead to slow, unreliable, non-responsive systems which do not seem to abide by settings enforced by servers. Let us take a look at your IT for free, either onsite or remotely, to make sure it's correctly configured to give you best performance - click here for more information.

  • System monitoring - all our client's IT securely reports to our secure cloud-based system monitoring servers - we know exactly what's running on all your systems; we compare versions with updates online to ensure you're up to date and not vulnerable; our small utility which sits on all your systems securely report your system logs to our servers and creates helpdesk tickets which we must resolve.

  • No call handlers - talk with someone technical who'll help you there and then 

  • Available out of hours - call someone who can help immediately, day or night, at no extra charge 

  • We know our client's IT - knowing our client's IT means we can troubleshoot and fix a lot faster than most 

  • Fair, open and honest - we don't advise to make financial gain, we make nothing on your purchases, we quote cost-price

  • Responsibility for your systems - we understand you have put your IT systems, which help run most businesses, in our hands

  • Above and beyond - we don't stop at 5pm or on the weekends, if there's an issue we will fix it 

  • Help wherever we can - we'll work on systems we're not paid to look after, we'll work with third parties and put the client absolutely first 

  • Out of our remit - we're here to help wherever and on whatever we can 

  • We do best by our customers - we work for you and want to keep our customers

  • Continuous improvement - we concentrate on making your systems better and better, the task is never done - especially in a world where IT security is ever evolving as threats are non stop. We look to make things more secure, more reliable, more resilient. 

what does ElyIT do? 

Anything IT related - general user support, consultancy, projects, implementations - from enabling and securing wifi for hotels, to Office365 email migrations, server system migrations and installations, new office IT fit-outs, network cabling, network upgrades, satellite office installations with secure shared file/server access - give us a call on 01353-780770 to find out more...

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